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Hi. Let me introduce myself. I am Corina K.

You may be wondering what the ‘K’ stands for? Well, when I was small my childhood family nickname was “Kiki”. My name, Corina, came from a song my Dad was singing on the way to see me when I was just born (Bob Dylan “Corrina, Corrina”). Little did he know then that singing was to become my world.

My childhood was filled with flute, piano, harp and singing lessons (thanks Mum). At about 5 years I joined the local Youth Orchestra but was only allowed to play the crash cymbals as I was too small to play anything else! I was a skinny scrawny kid (no seriously, I mean think stick insect legs). However, even back then, I realised that I loved making noise.

At the bold age of 17, when I obviously knew everything about everything, I took off and travelled Spain playing music on the streets & sitting around campfires singing original songs. I came back as a young single mum and had to make the decision to put my dreams on hold to do the most important job I have ever had, be a mum.
I tried many different work-life paths, including qualifying as a Legal Executive but I still never felt fully complete. I met an amazing friend and musician who has since left this world. He left a huge imprint on my musical journey and against the advice of just about everyone else, I left office life behind and started a band.

Still, I felt a little ‘lost’. After a very serious health scare in 2016 and seeing two of my closest friends suffer the tragic loss of their beautiful daughter it got me doing some real soul-searching. In the past, I always expressed my emotions through my songs and so I wrote a song for my friends. With a gentle push from a couple of my other much-loved friends, we decided to surprise them and perform it live at an event. The response the song received was nothing short of amazing. Over 700 people rose to a standing ovation which literally blew us all away. Suddenly had friends and strangers asking me to share more of my songs with them.

Looking back now I can see that it is funny how I was always worried I was too old to follow my dream. I don’t know why it took me so long to finally realise that instead of hiding them, I had to embrace my life experiences and use them to tell my story through my songs.

Now I just needed to find a way to get my songs out into the world and after a lot of researching, I found a fantastic well-known, established producer from South Africa who became my mentor and a lifesaver (phew) and so now it’s all happening!

Sharing my first song was definitely one of the most terrifying things I have ever done but I am finally am doing it.

My ultimate dream is to continue sharing my music with you so please join me here on YouTube, Soundcloud, Instagram etc and hopefully we can take the rest of this journey together.

Corina K, 2018

© Copyright Corina K ad infinitum
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